West Virginia Small Business Grants

West Virginia business grant makes it very easy on the owners of small business from all the angles of life to succeed and to innovate. A person may be looking for the grants in West Virginia for various reasons like child care, agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, technology and environmental management. There are varieties of choices available for a person to run the business and also to get the required help. The sources for the financial support in West Virginia are more customary than the earlier situation and give millions of dollars every year to the business owners who are well deserved.

One of the very famous West Virginia business grants arrives from the federal government. But, in contrary, many of the federal sponsored grants are available to the other businesses apart from those not for profit enterprises. The Small Business Innovation Research – SBIR and the Small Business Technology Transfer – STTR grants yearly award $1 billion towards research and development resources and contracts to the small businesses for the development of new products and the services of technology based. These grants remain funding sent into the economy of West Virginia and permit the state to remain on the critical edge of novelty in the business. The website of SBIR contains all the details pertaining to procedure for applying.

Idea Cafe is an organization run privately. It motivates creativity and impel from its collection of applicants. The vision at Idea Cafe is that the entrepreneur of the small business takes care of the economy. To assist in developing every business of the winner, Idea Cafe gives $1000 as prize to many of the stirring owners of the business. There are no restrictions on the applicants regarding the status of the business as profit in Idea Cafe like any other grants sponsored by the government. There is no necessity that the applicant should be charitable enterprise to take advantage from the kindness of Idea Cafe. Idea Cafe has given out around 9 grants from 2001 and also has offered hundred of various other business grants in West Virginia. The website is available and any one can join freely in it and can get the listing of grant and also can apply for the grant.

If the business is meant for promoting the advertising projects that encourages the trade of tourism for West Virginia, while also rationalizing as an attraction, then this business will get qualified for the MAPP – Matching Advertising Partnership Program. The keyword for this is matching. It means that the entrepreneur has to demonstrate some of the competence at the private fund developing so as to get the awareness of the grant program. But, with the MAPP, one can possible get the reimbursement for the complete funds for the project. For applying, one should first give consideration to the quantity of money that is required for the project. The applications can be availed for the grant ranging from $5000 to $10000 and also for more amounts.

Small Business Grant Source:
Learn the application procedures, various funding sources for specific types of businesses and eligibility criteria for small business grants.

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Celebrate National Tourism Week With a Trip to Remember!

This year, May 12th through the 20th the tourism industry will observe National Tourism Week, a time to celebrate and promote how tourism and visitors from around the world support their respective communities. Even if you were not aware of National Tourism Week, you – as an avid traveler – have most certainly played an important role in the celebration, and in this week may benefit from related events. If you are unable to take time off for a paid vacation in this time, however, there are still ways to celebrate and be counted.

For nearly twenty-five years, the Travel Industry Association has observed this week-long itinerary of promotions, events, and advocacy designed not only to benefit destinations and businesses, but the visitors who patronize these places. If you are an avid traveler, you definitely want to stay alert of possible discounts and amenities available to you in this time. Communities around the United States generally participate in related National Tourism events, and this can mean big savings for the tourist. Here are just a few possibilities:

Day Trips: If you are unable to get away for a long period of time, consider taking a day trip or two to a nearby attraction or site of historical interest. Call ahead to see if any special discounts or incentives are being offered by state or national parks, amusement areas, or other tourist attractions in this time. Depending on where you live, you may be visiting in the off-season, and that can reap more breaks in cost.

Restaurant Discounts: If you happen to live in a touristy area, there may be a few eateries offering specials to coincide with this week. Ask around! You may be able to enjoy a nice dinner in a restaurant you don’t normally get to enjoy.

Tourism is but one of many industries that keeps our nation’s economy strong, and many opportunities await the local traveler during National Tourism Week. Take advantage of any offers that may come your way, and enjoy the trip!

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Top Museums in Virginia Beach

er, and perhaps you’ve thought about a trip as well. You might wonder, though, what else is there to do in town besides the beach. Once you’re sufficiently tanned and ready to roll up your beach towel, you can still enjoy many sights that are fun and informative.

If you have a free day from the sand, or if you spot some gray clouds in the sky, why not enhance your itinerary with a side-trip to one of these popular Virginia Beach attractions:

1) Virginia Aquarium – The Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center is one of the largest of its kind in the Mid-Atlantic. Get up close and personal with manta rays, harbor seals, and a variety of swimming and crawling creatures. You can also check their website for special exhibits held through the summer.

2) Military Aviation Museum – If you have an interest in flying machines and war history, this museum in the Pungo area is worth the trip. Here you’ll find an impression collection of WWI and WWII aircraft, all restored to their original glory. The museum holds regular demonstrations and air shows, so check their website for their calendar of events.

3) Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art – If you like your art with a bit of “pop,” the MOCA should be on your radar. As the major art museum in Virginia Beach, MOCA highlights all types of media from local and national contemporary artists. Throughout the summer the museum also holds special art camps for the kids, so if you plan to stay a while consider signing your little ones for something fun they can bring home.

4) Old Coast Guard Station – Located in the heart of the Oceanfront area, the OCGS features exhibits that salute local maritime heritage. Special exhibits focus on nautical facts and lore, and summertime brings the popular Shipwrecks and Ghost Lore walks.

Hours and admission prices of Virginia Beach museums may vary according to the season. In the summertime, however, you can expect most museums and other attractions will be open daily. Check with websites and online tourism directories, too, for events and discount coupons for admission. Add a touch of adventure, history, and fun into your Virginia Beach vacation with a side-trip to one of these popular attraction.

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Virginia Beach – Heaven on the Beach

Virginia Beach has the distinction of being listed in the Guinness Book of Records as having the longest pleasure beach in the world. The city of Virginia Beach is located on the coast of the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean in the South East corner of Virginia. It’s the largest city in Virginia so offers many activities in addition to the beach.

The city is well known as a resort community with miles of beaches and an abundance of hotels, motels and restaurants along the coast. It hosts several annual events including the East Coast Surfing Championships and the North American Sand Soccer Championship.

Virginia Beach is home to three distinct beach areas, the Chesapeake Bay, Sandbridge and the Resort area.

The Chesapeake Bay beach area is home to people searching out traditional beach activities such as volleyball, great sand for sand castles and smaller, gentler waves.

Sandbridge is located about 15 miles south of the Resort area and has 5 miles of secluded beach covered with dunes and sea oats. If you are looking for a peaceful and relaxing beach, this is the spot for you.

The Resort area has a park like atmosphere with rollerbladers, live music, vendors and street performers to attract your attention. This is also the area that hosts events such as The Neptune Festival, a large event which takes place in late September.

Each spring the Atlantic Coast Kite Festival is held at various Virginia Beach area beaches. The event is a fairly new event but is growing in popularity and is a sanctioned event of the American Kitefliers Association.

The moderating effect of the ocean helps to classify the climate as humid subtropical. Although winters can have cold periods it rarely snows. Summers are perfect for beach goers with hot and humid days followed by warm evenings. It falls in a spot that is farther south than most storms in the North Atlantic and north of the normal path of hurricanes and tropical storms.

Tourism is a large part of the local economy. Tourism spending is approaching $1 billion dollars per year and there are over 2.75 million annual visitors. It has a large Convention Center and the meeting and event business adds to the large number of hotels and restaurants available for visitors.

There is plenty to do in the area. The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center and the Verizon Wireless Virginia Beach Amphitheater are two of the most popular. The Aquarium has a 300,000 gallon facility featuring sharks, sting rays and other creatures that live in the open ocean along with a 70,000 gallon sea turtle aquarium. The Amphitheater hosts a wide variety of shows and concerts from leading performers.

The abundant coastline offers a wide range of parks and beaches. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service manages the 8,000 acre Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. It borders the Atlantic Ocean and features sand dunes, maritime forests, fresh water marshes, ponds and of course the ocean beach.

The famous 3 mile long concrete boardwalk travels along the oceanfront and offers days full of activity. It’s lined with over 40 hotels, outdoor cafes and is usually teeming with people during the summer. The boardwalk also features a bike path and bike rentals are easily available. If you prefer to spend your time walking in the sand there are water stations readily available to wash off the sand before heading home.

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Virginia City – Historic Ghost Town and Gold Mining Days of the Past

Declared a National Historic Landmark in 1961, Virginia City is one of the oldest establishments in Nevada. In 1859, the Comstock Lode silver strike resulted in Virginia City becoming a mining boomtown that eventually grew into a thriving metropolis. By the end of the nineteenth century, much of the mining was disbanded and the population quickly declined, causing the town’s prosperity to abate and destined the flourishing city to become a mining ghost town. Although its boom days are over, the historical town remains as it was in its original state during the peak mining days of the 1870’s. With its authentic preservation and enriching history, Virginia City is presently a tourist attraction that draws over two million visitors each year.

Although the Grosh brothers and Henry Comstock all had a stake in the claim, credit for the discovery at Gold Canyon is disputed, and legend has it that James Fennimore, also known as James “Old Virginny” Finney, was the discoverer of the Comstock Lode silver strike of 1859, which was the first significant United States unearthing of silver ore. Once the gold and silver strike was made public, prospectors journeyed from far and wide to the eastern slope of Mount Davidson hastening to stake their claims. Mount Davidson is the highest peak in the Virginia Range and forms the backdrop of Virginia City.

Located along State Route 341 in northwestern Nevada, Virginia City lies east of Lake Tahoe and is in close proximity to Carson City, Nevada’s state capitol. At one time, the population of the city increased to as many as 30,000 people, including the small surrounding towns of Gold Hill and Silver City. This growth occurred during the height of the “Big Bonanza”, the Mother Lode of the 1870’s when millions of dollars of gold and silver ore were being extracted from mine shafts at depths exceeding 3,000 feet.

In 1875, much of Virginia City was destroyed by the “Great Fire”. However, because of the affluence of the mining industry, the town was quickly rebuilt in approximately eighteen months, and the hotels, opera houses, banks and other merchant businesses were once again restored and put back in operation.

Instant wealth was acquired for many inhabitants during the boisterous gold and silver mining times of the town, but when the Comstock Lode epoch dissipated at the latter part of the nineteenth century, the population declined sharply, indicating the boom age of the once prosperous town had come to an end. By the mid 1950’s, Virginia City’s population had fallen to approximately 500 people.

Presently, the population has risen to about 1200 people, and although the mining activity is minimal, the economic base of this historic town has shifted to tourism, bolstering over two million visitors each year. The preservation of the buildings and artifacts provide visitors with an unadulterated Victorian-era experience, and with today’s overwhelming tourist interest, it has enabled Virginia City to thrive again as it once did in the explosive days of the 1800’s.

Because of the great prosperity that was obtained during the bustling years of the Comstock Lode silver strike, Virginia City was called “The Richest Place on Earth”. Although the presence of gold and silver has diminished in the hills of this famous ghost town, Virginia City still remains rich in history and folklore. The present-day historic saloons, underground mines, regal mansions and cemeteries all offer a glimpse of the town’s momentous past. With such renown and magnetism, this historic landmark lures visitors unlike any other, exemplifying that Virginia City has rightly earned its place in history.

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Virginia Beach – Ultimate Beach Holiday

You are going on a trip with the location of a beach in mind, but still not sure where go? Read on to find out more on one of the great beach locations of the United States.

Do miles of golden sands with restless waves of the Atlantic Ocean rushing to the shore excite you? Or parasailing along the beach? Or maybe a romantic getaway with your partner on the breathtaking water while enjoying a boat rental? Or maybe some great seafood options from the Caribbean, or maybe French, or Italian and more? How about hiking and camping out in the wild? Virginia Beach has all the above and more to offer to any tourist or traveler.

Tourism accounts for a major share of Virginia Beach’s economy. This explains its popularity when it comes to coastal vacations. This independent resort city is located in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. The place has great accessibility by both land and air, with non-stop airline services. Summers are hot and humid with warm evenings that are perfect for water sports, while the winters are very mild. Once there, you’ll find endless possibilities of entertainment.

Virginia Beach offers a number of great water and other types of sports. You can enjoy boat trips, parasailing, scuba diving, horseback riding and more. The city is also home to the East Coast Surfing Championships, the oldest surfing contest in North America. It also has several golf clubs, sand soccer, beach volleyball and so on. However, waves, sands and sports are not all that the place has to offer. There are tons of great seafood and other types of food for all visitors. The Caribbean delicacies are a mouth watering attraction that shouldn’t be missed.

Not just during the day, Virginia Beach is equally lively and fun filled at night also. Head out to the various beach bars, dance clubs, live music spots and many other shows for great nocturnal entertainment. The Virginia Beach Amphitheater holds a variety of famous events and shows. You can catch Taylor Swift, Coldplay and Kenny Chesney and for the metal heads there’s the Ozzfest too. Historic sites like the Adam Thouroughgood House, Cape Henry Lights, Adam Keeling House and many more located there are worth seeing.

A beach vacation rental gives you a different experience from the common stay-in-a-hotel feel. You experience what it is like to actually live right next to the ocean. A vacation rental home in Virginia Beach’s oceanfront means you step out of the door onto the shore. Make the most of the beach and water activities there or head to the parks for a different view. For a quieter time, go for hiking in the woods that are rich with nature. You can also get a rental home close to the woods if you prefer a green and serene stay. Spend your day amidst the nature rich surroundings or go out for adventurous activities like a bike ride on the trails that spread for miles or camp out in the great camping areas.

Choose from around two hundred splendid locations spread all over Virginia Beach, near the beach or the trees, equipped with all the fine amenities. Check them out online before booking one, the options on the amenities range from bedrooms, baths, pool, handicap accessibility, electronic and kitchen appliances, internet and much more. There’s a place for everyone, available at practical rates. Visit a website that offers a good beach house rental service today.

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Virginia Beach Festivals Offer Local Fun Year Round

There’s never a bad time to visit Virginia Beach, and you’ll find it’s not only the tourism board that espouses this. If you know where to go on the Oceanfront, where to park, and where to eat, you can enjoy a long weekend in the winter as well as the peak tourist months. Along the boardwalk and beach, especially, the city has ways to keep you entertained. Festivals play a large role in the local color here, and it’s no surprise to see visitors returning each year for one specific event.

What interests you the most – music, art, surfing, food? Annual Virginia Beach festivals held at the Oceanfront bring you the best of everything. Actual dates may vary, but the major events are typically held around the same time each year. As you plan your next trip to the beach be aware of these happenings:

Atlantic Coast Kite Festival – Usually held in the spring, this event turns the sky bright with color as kite clubs from around the country come together to demonstrate flying techniques. There are many kite contests to enjoy as well, and workshops on how to launch and land a kite safely.

Pirate Party on the Beach – Tourist season gets a hearty kick-off with this annual pirate-themed celebration. We don’t walk many planks here, but you can stroll up and down the boardwalk and take in the festive pirate talk and treasure hunts, and cannon demonstrations. This is a great, family-friendly event that usually happens around spring break.

Sandstock – Sandstock is the latest incarnation of various events that filled the Oceanfront with live music. It is a celebration of music from the 70s-90s, though you’ll find Elvis lurking about as well. Tribute bands covering everybody from Led Zeppelin to Queen take to stages throughout the area. If you love classic rock, save some time in early summer to come down.

American Music Festival – Virginia Beach closes off the summer season with this very popular three-day fest of music. Whether you like rock, country, blues or jazz, you’ll find something to enjoy here. The music festival is known to draw some big names in the industry, and many concerts are free!

Craft Beer Festival – In the Fall we celebrate this unique twist on Oktoberfest. If you have a taste for craft brews you can sample many regional brands while enjoying live music. It’s also a great opportunity to learn about how beer is made.

Food, fun, and family… Virginia Beach brings it to you all year round. Be sure to search the city’s visitor events calendars online for dates to these and other great festivals.

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