Virginia Beach Festivals Offer Local Fun Year Round

There’s never a bad time to visit Virginia Beach, and you’ll find it’s not only the tourism board that espouses this. If you know where to go on the Oceanfront, where to park, and where to eat, you can enjoy a long weekend in the winter as well as the peak tourist months. Along the boardwalk and beach, especially, the city has ways to keep you entertained. Festivals play a large role in the local color here, and it’s no surprise to see visitors returning each year for one specific event.

What interests you the most – music, art, surfing, food? Annual Virginia Beach festivals held at the Oceanfront bring you the best of everything. Actual dates may vary, but the major events are typically held around the same time each year. As you plan your next trip to the beach be aware of these happenings:

Atlantic Coast Kite Festival – Usually held in the spring, this event turns the sky bright with color as kite clubs from around the country come together to demonstrate flying techniques. There are many kite contests to enjoy as well, and workshops on how to launch and land a kite safely.

Pirate Party on the Beach – Tourist season gets a hearty kick-off with this annual pirate-themed celebration. We don’t walk many planks here, but you can stroll up and down the boardwalk and take in the festive pirate talk and treasure hunts, and cannon demonstrations. This is a great, family-friendly event that usually happens around spring break.

Sandstock – Sandstock is the latest incarnation of various events that filled the Oceanfront with live music. It is a celebration of music from the 70s-90s, though you’ll find Elvis lurking about as well. Tribute bands covering everybody from Led Zeppelin to Queen take to stages throughout the area. If you love classic rock, save some time in early summer to come down.

American Music Festival – Virginia Beach closes off the summer season with this very popular three-day fest of music. Whether you like rock, country, blues or jazz, you’ll find something to enjoy here. The music festival is known to draw some big names in the industry, and many concerts are free!

Craft Beer Festival – In the Fall we celebrate this unique twist on Oktoberfest. If you have a taste for craft brews you can sample many regional brands while enjoying live music. It’s also a great opportunity to learn about how beer is made.

Food, fun, and family… Virginia Beach brings it to you all year round. Be sure to search the city’s visitor events calendars online for dates to these and other great festivals.

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